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About Mass Looking

Give up to 8000 unique viewings of your profile

Your page in Instagram needs marketing?

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You got to the canal of mass viewing stories in Instagram. We work in the market of service since 2018. We promote Instagram profiles every day. We have good experience and we use only the best software. With our software you receive popularity, followers and likes. We use WhatsApp and Telegram and that’s why 24 hours a day we give support and consultations for our clients


Do you want that your account became known and popular? So we move in one direction!
Some important notes about this tool:

Instagram artificially cuts down coverage and demonstrations of your posts, by means of a smart tape that very negatively affects statistics of the account

Any more not a secret that:


– The Mass liking does not work

– The Mass following does not work

– “Gives” kill the account

– The target advertazing – 50% of the budget we spend for offers on cooperation


Working with us you receive:

-Target audience
Collecting and the analysis of potentially target audience on competitors, hashtags, geolocations.

What you would not be engaged we in will make your profile popular.

Gain of new subscribers, likes, comments, savings, viewings.

We do not transfer your data to the third parties and we guarantee full confidentiality



How do work mass viewings? And how we do our work.

Each of you, using Instagram, every day shoots stories, and at the end of the day watches statistics of viewings. The main interest — how many people looked your stories.

Among the friends the user will see your unfamiliar, but bright and memorable account – will surely pass, will subscribe, will like, and then will become interested in goods, or service.

Instagram Stories is content with the one-day term of life therefore its main counter in naturalness.


Most of our clients stay in USA, Canada, South Africa. All this different time zones. But we assume overall responsibility and we are ready to work for you 24 hours a day.

As far as it is safe?

Completely safely!
We do not create over activities, we only automate normal actions. To browse the stories of other people for you a commonplace, truly?

Fortunately, Instagram did not enter limits and restrictions for mass viewings of stories, but we adhere to small pauses in work process.


Payment and access to your page, that is the password is necessary. These data are confidential information and are not transferred to the third parties. We guarantee it.


Of course, this question disturbs all clients and we perfectly understand why it is terrible to you to transfer access to the account it is unknown to whom. Unfortunately, we without access to your account will not be able to configure mass viewing stories from your account

It is very simple to calculate the cost of our services:


Up To 40$



  • Analysis and Selection of Target Audience
  • 7 Million Contacts With Target Audience
  • 30000 Visits of your Profile
  • 1 million viewing of stories every day



  • Analysis and Selection of Target Audience
  • Economy over 10$
  • 14 Million Contacts With Target Audience
  • 60000 Visits of your Profile
  • 3 million viewing of stories every day



  • Analysis and Selection of Target Audience
  • Economy over 40$
  • 30 Million Contacts With Target Audience
  • 130000 Visits of your Profile
  • 5 million viewing of stories every day

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